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Harmonious Platform Systems is a startup. We understand the exciting and often chaotic hacker sub-culture that comes with being a startup. From day one, we have worked to ensure the startup sub-culture does not get lost and is reflected in the Harmonious Platform.

Harmonious Platform Systems has heritage that dates back to 2013. From 2019 development accelerated. The global pandemic has reshaped many industries and shone a light on the many possibilities of what can be achieved by working from home. Mainstream products offer confusing levels of interoperability and are often subjected to mass-surveillance, government censorship and big tech control. We do not like that. We believe YOU should be in control of YOUR network!

Throughout 2020 we adopted a new focus to create a hybrid digital office platform using existing free and open-source components, combining them with our in-house developed tools, to establish a hybrid digital office specification tailored specifically for software development and publishing startups.

Harmonious Platform can be scaled using our unique implementation of modular components. Some components require dedicated server resources, while others can be integrated using shared resources. We combine hardware and virtual servers running on-premises, using Inter-Com Net to establish platform unity - "Harmonious Platform".

Harmonious Platform is developed using modular components which enables maximum level of scalability, effectively on-the-fly, without affecting overall performance of the platform or inducing avoidable downtime. Modular components can be added or removed as scaling is adapted. Interoperability is our core focus.

"Are you really a startup?"
Yes, absolutely!

Obviously we do not work out of Silicon Valley or have access to hundreds of thousands of dollars from angel investors, which would allow us to do very amazing things with our technology. Instead, we are forced to do amazing things without funding from angel investors and with the very minimum of technology running out of an apartment. Still, we preach high quality and set high expectations for ourselves in what we deliver.

We are never going to claim to be something that we are not. We do not have a suite of corporate offices available to us, we do not have a call center located in a third-world country operated by a highly underpaid workforce and we do not have a team of lawyers ready to defend us. Primarily, we are run from an apartment block on the Gold Coast in Australia by our founder, Chris McGimpsey-Jones, along with a small group of dedicated volunteers in various locations around the world whom make contributions.

We are dedicated and committed to embracing the hacker sub-culture to get stuff done, with what software and hardware we have at our disposal.

System administration running Cockpit
Level 1 firewall running IPFire, inside VirtualBox
Level 2 firewall running Untangle, inside VirtualBox
Level 3 firewall running pfSense, inside VirtualBox
Primary DNS running Pi-hole w/ level 1 filter+redundancy
Secondary DNS running Technitium w/ level 2 filter
Unfiltered DNS Forwarder running ZeroShell
Internal network latency monitor running SmokePing
External DNS latency monitor running SmokePing
CMDC+Gobble blockchain system stack
CMDC mining server administration running Webmin
CMDC block server monitoring

Most of our infrastructure is built from a combination of laptops and recycled desktop computers, with some of them running as servers. We operate an internal intranet with multiple domains which interconnects seamlessly with the internet, allowing public access. Some publicly accessible components of Harmonious Platform are hosted using traditional server methods. Our hybrid network allows for seamless performance and has created an extremely stable and robust platform. Generally, most people would be very surprised about what we have been able to achieve on the bare minimum of hardware that we operate.

Operating and administering our own infrastructure can be resource intensive and actually costs a lot of money. Is there bugs? You bet there is! Do things fail? They sure do! Do things break? Of course they do! But remaining in control of the core operations of our own platform is important to us and we have the expertise to be able to deal with all of these problems when they arise. We are proud of all that we have achieved and have already far exceeded all expectations that we had of how far and how hard we could push Harmonious Platform. And we're not finished yet!

Payments and Donations

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